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  • Info: Four live streaming webcams showing Schnauzer puppies at Maximilian Schnauzers in Tampa, Florida, United States. Maximillain Schnauzers are committed to breeding high quality AKC registered Teacups, Toys and Miniature Schnauzers of rare colours.

More info: The Schnauzer is of German origin and the name comes from the German word for "snout" and means colloquially "moustache", or "whiskered snout", because of its distinctive heavily whiskered muzzle.

There are three breeds of schnauzer dogs - the standard, miniature, and giant schnauzer. The standard, or medium-sized, schnauzer is the stock from which the other two breeds were derived. Originally a guard dog and ratter, the schnauzer was highly valued for its intelligence and courage.

The giant schnauzer, largest and most recent of the three breeds, was developed by Bavarian cattlemen who wanted a cattle dog like the standard schnauzer but larger. The miniature Schnauzer was originally bred to be a small farm dog, able to go to ground for all kinds of vermin.

The standard and giant schnauzers are placed in the working-dog group of the American Kennel Club; the miniature is classed as a terrier.