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  • Location: Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Redding, California, United States
  • Source: Friends of the Redding Eagles
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing bald eagles breeding and nesting. The webcam is located in Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Redding, California.

More info: The bald eagles range lies wholly within North America, including Alaska, Canada, the lower 48 states, and northwest Mexico. During the winter months, bald eagles may be found throughout most of California, at lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and some rangelands and coastal wetlands. The breeding habitats for bald eagles within California are mainly in mountain and foothill forests and woodlands near bodies of water. Most breeding territories are in northern California, but the eagles also nest in scattered locations in the central and southern Sierra Nevada mountains and foothills, from the central coast range to inland southern California, and on Santa Catalina Island.

In most of California, the bald eagle breeding season lasts from around January to July or August. The chicks fledge at 11 or 12 weeks and in a short time after leaving the nest, many of the still naive young birds suddenly head out on their own and rapidly migrate hundreds of miles to the north. Data collected shows that some of these young eagles reach northern and western Canada before returning to California a few months later. California's resident breeding bald eagle pairs remain in California during winter, typically in the same vicinity as their nesting areas, except when winter conditions are too severe and they must move to lower elevations.

Migratory bald eagles from nesting areas in northwestern states and provinces spend the winter in California, arriving during fall and early winter. These wintering birds may remain until February or March, or even into April.