bald eagle on nest in pennsylvania


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  • Location: Mon Valley Works–Irvin Plant, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Source: PixCams
  • Info: Live streaming bald eagle webcam in Pennsylvania. The United States Steel Corporation webcam is located at the Mon Valley Works–Irvin Plant in West Mifflin, along the Monongahela River.

More info: The bald eagle nest in West Mifflin, was constructed in 2019. In 2020 there was one confirmed eaglet that fledged and in 2021 there were two confirmed eaglets that fledged.

The history of bald eagles in Pennsylvania is a precarious one. In 1983, there were a mere three nests left in the entire state. Pesticides and other harmful chemicals decimated bald eagle populations . With the help of the Canadian government, the Pennsylvania Game Commission along with several other states, reintroduced bald eagle chicks from Canada back to the Northeast United States.

Today, Pennsylvania boasts more than 300 bald eagle nests. Pennsylvania has been so successful, the commonwealth stopped listing the bald eagle as threatened in 2014.

Generally, a bald eagle pair will return to the same territory and nest site each breeding season. This territory may cover an area greater than a square mile and include more than one nest. In Pennsylvania, bald eagles favour white pine, sycamore, red oak, red maple and tulip poplar for nesting.

In Pennsylvania, most egg sets are laid between mid-February and mid-March, with early March as the peak period. Eggs commonly hatch in April and the young fledge by the end of June or in July. Bald eagles generally have a clutch of one to three eggs with two the most common clutch size.