barn owl


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  • Location: North Carolina, United States
  • Source: Leesville Owls
  • Info: Live streaming webcams with barred owl nest boxes in North Carolina, United States. The owls are located in Leesville Township and first started nesting there in 2007. You may also see another view at Leesville Owls 2

More info: The barred owl is a large owl native to the eastern half of North America, ranging from eastern and coastal Texas in the south up to central Canada. The barred owl’s range has increased significantly due to the expansion of forests caused by fire suppression and other factors, particularly in the Great Plains which formed a barrier for these woodland birds. As a result, the barred owl has colonized the Pacific Northwest, where they have contributed to the decline of the northern spotted owl through aggressive competition.

Adult barred owls weigh a hefty 1.1 to 2.3 pounds with wingspans between approximately 3 to 4 feet. They have black and white stripes underneath their tail and wings, and earn their name from the contrast between the horizontal ‘bars’ on their chest and the vertical ‘streaks’ on their belly. They have round, flat pale faces are with bright yellow beaks and dark spectacles around dark brown eyes. Barred Owls are part of a group known as ‘true owls’, and are the only member of this group in eastern North America to have brown eyes rather than yellow eyes. They are also called ‘hoot owls’, and are very vocal birds emitting a distinctive ‘who cooks for you, who cooks for you all’ call.

Although their natural range is dense forests, barred owls often inhabit suburban neighbourhoods due to an abundance of prey. Unfortunately, owls in these areas often suffer from a shortage of nesting sites, mortality from vehicle collisions, and violent competition from the larger great-horned owl, which is their main predator and will eat eggs, young birds, and occasionally adults.