• Local time
  • Location: Cook County, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
  • Source: SchaumBird Life
  • Info: Live bird and critter cam in Illinois. The webcam views show a backyard bird feeder and ground feeding area in Schaumberg in Cook County. In the daytime, there are lots of birds to see as well as squirrels and chipmunks.
    You can rewind the live stream to view night time visitors such as skunks, raccoons and even coyote.

More info: The Audubon Guide to North American Birds is an excellent online guide to identifyling birds.

The American robin, northern cardinal, house sparrow, dark-eyed junco, and downy woodpecker are common birds found in Illinois. Illinois has a variety of urban birds, including the house sparrow, european starling, rock pigeon, american crow, and common grackle.

Illinois is home to more than a dozen species of sparrow, most of which are small and brown. Among the most common is the house sparrow, which can be found just about anywhere there are houses.