cardinal birds at a feeder


  • Local time
  • Location: Murrysville, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Source: PixCams
  • Info: Live birdwatching webcam in Pennsylvania, United States. The bird feeders are located in a tree in a wooded area in Murrysville. Watch out for woodpeckers, orioles and grosbeaks.
    The Audubon Guide to North American Birds is a fantastic online guide to identifyling birds.

More info: Finches are small to medium-size songbirds with sturdy bills that enable them to crack open the tough hulls of seeds which is their main food.

There are five species known to nest in Pennsylvania. One is the house finch which has become quite common. Another, the red crossbill is a more rare sight, nesting mostly in conifer forests. Finches are sociable birds, and outside of the breeding season they gather in flocks. They feed mainly in trees but will forage on the ground, in tall weeds and in shrubs. Even during the summer months when insect populations explode, many finches will continue to eat seeds. In winter, many finches frequent bird feeders but will also feed in conifers and on deciduous trees with catkins such as birches, ashes, maples, and aspens.

The white-winged crossbill, common redpoll, evening grosbeak and pine grosbeak breed in the far north and visit the Northeast in winter, when they may descend on feeding stations in yards.