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  • Location: Climbers Run Nature Center, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Source: Lancaster Conservancy
  • Info: Live streaming birdwatching webcam in Pennsylvania. The webcam shows species of North American birds at bird feeders at Climbers Run Nature Centre in Pennsylvania, United States As well as birds, the camera captures visiting squirrels.
    The Audubon Guide to North American Birds is a fantastic online guide to identifyling birds.

More info: Climbers Run Nature Center is located in Pequea and stretches just over 80 acres. Climbers Run cascades through pristine forests to lowlands and meanders to the Pequea Creek and eventually the Susquehanna River to Chesapeake Bay.

Climbers Run holds a rare treasure: wild brook trout, which are found only where forested buffers provide clean, cold water essential to this species survival. The preserve demonstrates Best Management Practices (BMPs) such as a rain garden, meadows, riparian buffer, and a stream restoration project that keeps the wild trout stream clean and attracts all kinds of wildlife.

Over 90 bird species have been observed at Climbers Run including ruby-throated hummingbirds, northern cardinals, turkey vultures, bluebirds, wood ducks, pileated woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, and Carolina wrens. Twenty-four species of amphibians and reptiles including numerous frogs, toads, and snakes have been documented. There is a diverse population of native plants that provide essential nectar and pollen sources for pollinators like bees, butterflies, and moths. The Preserve is a critical habitat to thousands of species of plants that support aquatic species such as fish and macroinvertebrates like stoneflies and water pennies.