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  • Location: Roodekrans, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Source: Explore Africa
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing black eagles nesting in Roodekrans, South Africa.

More info: The adult black eagle has all-black plumage with a yellow bill base (cere) and yellow feet and the eyes are brown. The wings are long and pinched in at the innermost primary feathers, giving a distinctive shape. The tail is also long, and shows faint barring.

The black eagle inhabits lowland, evergreen, and montane forests, from sea level, to about 4000mtrs. They prefer slopes and mountainous country and areas where there is forest cover.

The black eagle diet consists of mammals such as bats, rats, squirrels, flying squirrels, along with other small animals including reptiles, frogs, insects, and some birds. They are also known to snatch up entire nests, eating nestlings and eggs.

Black eagle nests are large, around 1.2 meters wide, with a stick platform and made of twigs, usually set in the fork of a tree with a dense canopy above. Often a black eagle pair will have several different nests, all of them maintained, and they are used year after year. The female lays 1-2 eggs and incubation lasts approximately 35-40 days. The young fledge at around 60 days.