• Local Time
  • Location: Kurzeme, Latvia
  • Source: Latvian Fund for Nature
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing black kites nesting in Latvia. The nest is located in an old birch tree in the region of Kurzeme.

More info: The Black Kite is a medium-sized raptor which from a distance appears almost black in colour. However, its plumage is actually dark brown, with scattered light brown and rufous markings, particularly on the head, neck and underparts. The tail is forked and barred with darker brown. This feature gives the bird its alternative name of Fork-tailed Kite.

Black Kites are migratory and spend the winter in Africa south of the Sahara. Some birds can also be seen in southern Europe during the winter though they are not nearly as common as the Red Kite.

Black Kites normally lay 2 or 3 eggs, sometimes 4 (there are very race cases of 5 eggs). The breeding time is on average 32 days and the young stay another 43-49 days in the nest. After fledging, the adults care for the young for 15-36 days until the young can live without their parents.