black stork with chicks


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  • Location: Jogeva County, Estonia
  • Source: Kotkaklubi
  • Info: Live streaming webcam with black storks in Jogeva County in Estonia. The black stork is migratory, with male birds arriving in Estonia by the beginning of April.

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More info: Male black storks reach Estonia by the beginning of April, even before the snow and ice have melted and the female birds follow a week or two later.

The black stork travels either alone or in a small group, to its wintering area which extends from the Mediterranean countries to the Equator.

Far less common, and far more wary of humans, than the more familiar white storks, black storks are summer visitors to Estonia and do not winter there. They prefer to nest in wooded areas and Estonia is the limit of the species' northernmost extent in Europe.

The black stork has started expanding its habitat towards the west and has begun nesting in several Western European countries like Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Italy.

Video showing a black stork feeding from a fish basket which provides supplemental food:

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