black stork nesting in poland


  • Local Time
  • Location: Notecka Forest, Poland
  • Source: Eagle Conservation Committee
  • Info: Live black stork webcam in Poland. The stork nest shown is located in Notecka Forest. The breeding season of the black storks in Poland is between April and May. In September, the storks migrate to East and Central Africa for the winter.

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More info: Notecka Forest is one of the largest forests in Poland, covering an area of 135,000 ha.

The site of the black stork nest has been occupied by birds for 24 years. The original nest was in an old dry oak which fell down during a storm in 2022. A new man-made nest was built in an adjacent oak tree, at exactly the same height as the previous one and with steel supports and natural material from an old crows nest.

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