bluebird nest box with eggs


  • local time
  • Location: Hudson, Florida, United States
  • Source: Heritage Pines Nestbox
  • Info: Live streaming bluebird nest box webcam in Hudson, Florida, United States. Bluebird nesting generally takes place between February and August and one pair may raise two or three broods a year.

More info: The eastern bluebird, found throughout North America, is always a welcome visitor for many, with its melodious song and rich blue, white and rust plumage.

Bluebirds are cavity nesters and readily take to nest boxes.

The Eastern Bluebird is an omnivore and its diet consists of crickets, grasshoppers and various beetles during the summer and berries, wild grapes, and honeysuckle during the fall and winter.

Nest construction is primarily carried out by the female and takes around 10 days to complete. These nests are small, cup-like structures lined with grass, feathers, stems, and hairs. Each female lays three to seven light-blue or, rarely, white eggs. The female incubates the eggs, which hatch after 13 to 16 days and she will brood the chicks for up to seven days after hatching. The fledglings then leave the nest 15 to 20 days after hatching.