booted eagle


More info: Booted eagles are migratory birds and in the winter months the majority of the population flies south to Africa, south of the Sahara. It was discovered recently that a significant number of birds now over-winter in coastal areas around the Mediterranean with Spain being an important refuge for this species.

The booted eagle stands around 17,5 -19,5 inches, with a wingspan 43 – 52 inches- and is about as large as a common buzzard and is the smallest eagle found in Europe.

Booted eagles tend to nest in the fork of a tree, where they build a new nest or they repair one that has been used previously. An exception is the Balearic Islands, where they make nests in cavities in rocky outcrops. Pair bonds normally last for life. The nest is built by both the male and the female, with the eggs being laid between April and end of May, peaking around the last week of April.

The booted eagle hunts mainly medium-sized birds such as blackbirds, hoopoes, pigeons, partridges, magpies and thrushes, depending on what occurs in its habitat. In addition, the species preys on rabbits as well reptiles like lizards.