carolina wren


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  • Location: Murrysville, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Source: PixCams Nest Boxes
  • Info: Live streaming webcam at a Carolina Wren Nest in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, United States

More info: Carolina wrens are more brightly coloured than most wrens, and have a rich musical song.

Carolina wrens look to nest in open cavities which are about three to six feet off the ground, including natural hollows in trees or stumps, old woodpecker holes, crevices among upturned roots of fallen trees, flower pots, nest boxes, brush piles and many other artificial sites.

The male Carolina wren may build more than one nest so that when looking for a mate, he has options.

The birds usually take about a week or so to build their first nest. If the male bird is building more than one nest, it might take a few more days. The nest is a bulky mass of twigs, leaves and weeds, with a lining of softer material such as moss, grass, animal hair and feathers.