More info: College Lake is one of the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust's flagship nature reserves. The hard work of BBOWT staff and volunteers have transformed the former working chalk quarry in to a thriving nature reserve which supports more than 1,000 different wildlife species. With many hides overlooking the lake, it makes a great destination for bird watchers and visitors whatever the weather or time of year.

The marshland is perhaps the most important of the reserve's homes for wildlife, as in the summer it supports a number of breeding waders – including rare species of lapwing and redshank. At the lake, common terns nest on specially created islands. In the winter, the inhabitants of the water change, and wintering wildfowl from Scandinavia and beyond, such as wigeon and teal, use the wetlands for feeding and roosting.

The chalk grasslands on the reserve, come alive in spring and summer as a wide variety of flowers come into bloom. These support a range of insects, including a number of rare butterfly species such as the small blue. Rough grassland provides a home for breeding skylarks, as well as shelter for small mammals, which in turn feed birds of prey such as kestrels and barn owls.

Woodland, scrub and hedgerows are widespread across the reserve, and support a wide variety of wildlife, including finches, tits, thrushes such as fieldfare and redwings.

College Lake was one of the first places in the UK to actively conserve the rare and beautiful cornflower and the reserve now produces a glorious show of colour every year during June and July.