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  • Location: Decorah, Iowa, United States
  • Source: Explore Live Nature Cams
  • Info: Live webcam at the Decorah North bald eagle nest in Iowa. This nest is home to bald eagle pair Mr. North and the Decorah North Female, or DNF. The first egg was laid on Feb 15th, 2024 and the second on Feb 18th.

    Decorah eagle chicks from hatch to 7 days old :

More info: The female bald eagle DNF laid her first egg on Feb 15th, 2024 and hatching is expected in 35 to 39 days.

It is quite normal to see the eagles off the eggs or standing over them for short periods of time. They are regulating the temperature and humidity in the egg cup so the eggs do not overheat. As the weather warms you may see them airing the eggs more often.

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