white tailed eagle in norway


  • Local time
  • Location: Smola, Norway
  • Source: Streambird Pro
  • Info: Live streaming webcam with white tailed eagles in Norway. The webcam shows the nest of Baron Blue and Baroness Barefoot who live on the island of Smola.

More info: The island of Smola has the densest white-tailed eagle population in the world.

The municipality of Smøla is located north of the town of Kristiansund, off the western coast of Norway. The municipality consists of the main island of Smøla and more than 3,000 smaller ones. The 214-square-kilometre (83 sq mi) main island is very flat, the highest peak reaches 63 metres (207 ft) above sea level. Almost all of the land area consists of marshes and cliffs

The White-tailed Eagle is distributed in parts of northern, eastern and central Europe, across Siberia and into China as well as having populations in Iceland and Greenland.