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  • Location: Castle in Germany
  • Source: EGE
  • Info: Live eagle owl webcam in Germany. The eagle owl nest shown is located in the rocky ruins of a castle. The eagle owl is about three times the size of a Tawny Owl. It is a mottled gray and brown colour, about 15 to 18 inches tall, with striking orange eyes and two small tufts of feathers (ears) on top of its head.

More info: The male eagle owl weigh up to 3 kg and the female can reach 4,5 kg. This makes the eagle owl the largest owl species in Europe and perhaps even in the world.

Eagle owls have one clutch of eggs per year. One to four white eggs are laid, weighing 75-80g. They are normally laid at 3 days intervals and are incubated by the female, starting from the first egg, for 31-36 days. During the incubation period, the female is fed by her mate.

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