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  • Location: Bass Rock, Firth of Forth, Scotland
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam at a gannet colony in Scotland. The webcam is located on Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth and shows the birds breeding and nesting.

More info: Bass Rock is an island around 2kms off the shore of eastern Scotland and 5kms north-east of North Berwick. It is a steep-sided volcanic rock, 107 metres above sea level at its highest point.

Originally the island was covered with grass and effectively supported a small farm with sheep and rabbits. However, the island the has now been overrun by seabirds, predominantly gannets, with their guano having eliminated most of the vegetation.

In the peak season, Bass Rock is home to over 150,000 gannets which makes it the world's largest colony of Northern gannets. The gannets spend most of the year on Bass Rock, arriving in late February and departing at the end of October for their long journey to over-winter on the west coast of Africa. The lower ledges of Bass Rock are home to shags, guillemots and razorbills, with seals hauling up on the rocks below.

The northern gannet is endemic to the North Atlantic and most breed in the UK and Ireland. There are 21 gannetries around Britain and Ireland, with most being on remote offshore islands and stacks

Visits to the island are possible through the Scottish Seabirds Centre who offer half day trips to allow visitors to view the gannet colony.