• Local Time
  • Location: Sachatamia Lodge, Calacali, Mindo, Ecuador
  • Source: Hummingbird Spot
  • Info: Live hummingbird webcam in Ecuador. The webcam is located at Sachatamia Lodge.

More info: Ecuador holds the world record for the highest number of hummingbirds species with over 132 species being found which equates to about 40% of all hummingbird species.

The geographical makeup of Ecuador is one of the things that makes the country such an ideal place for hummingbirds by providing so many hospitable climate zones.

The Choco-Andes region is said to have the highest concentration of hummingbird species in Ecuador. The lowlands of the Choco region have the worlds greatest concentration of restricted-range endemic species. The Mindo Valley is in this region and is one of the most popular birding sites in Ecuador. In this area you can see the booted racket tail, the green violetear and the velvet purple coronet, which some consider the most beautiful of all the hummingbirds of Ecuador.