kestrel in a stone barn in yorkshire


  • Local Time
  • Location: Hubberholme, Yorkshire Dales, England
  • Source: CarnyxWild
  • Info: Live streaming webcam with kestrels in Yorkshire, England. The webcam is located at a nest in a stone barn in Hubberholme.

More info: The Yorkshire Dales are characterised by dry-stone walls, field barns, wild flower hay meadows and rolling limestone hills. The kestrels shown are nesting in a stone built field barn on the hillside above Hubberholme, in one of the high ventilation holes. Other holes in the barn are occupied by Jackdaws.

The kestrel is often seen hovering above roadside verges looking for prey. This familiar behaviour of the kestrel gives it one of its old country names: the 'windhover'. The kestrel has the ability to keep its head still while it hovers - even in strong winds - helping it to pinpoint its prey by sight.