lesser kestrels in a nest box


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  • Location: Israel
  • Source: Charter Group Birdcams
  • Info: Live streaming webcam with lesser kestrels nesting in Ramat Hanadiv in Israel. Israel’s Lesser Kestrel populations are migratory. The birds winter in Africa and settle on their breeding colonies in February or March.

More info: The Lesser Kestrel is, as the name implies, a smaller and more delicate bird than the Common Kestrel.

The Lesser Kestrel breeds in south west Europe and north Africa, east through eastern Europe, Asia Minor and Iran to Mongolia and northern China. The lesser kestrel winters in Africa, south of the Sahara, and irregularly in some parts of south Asia.

Lesser kestrel nests are located on cliffs and quarries, and in areas of human settlement, in niches and cavities in walls of old buildings or under roof tiles. Generally, 3 to 5 eggs are laid in April and the young fledge in June or July. Both parents incubate the eggs for 1 month.

Lesser kestrels forage communally in open areas such as semideserts, grassland, pastures, tilled land and urban parks, and feed predominantly on insects and other invertebrates. They leave their colonies between the end of June and mid July, when they begin to migrate south to their wintering grounds

Video showing a lesser kestrel:

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