• Current time in Dunedin
  • Location: Napier Port's Kororā Snctuary, New Zealand
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing little blue penguin chicks at the Korora Sanctuary in Napier Port, New Zealand. The webcam shows the view inside the chicks nest box.

More info: Napier Port has developed the first on-port sanctuary of its kind in New Zealand to protect the kororā or little blue penguin, an at-risk and declining species. A few years ago Napier Port undertook its first penguin survey and found around 70 pairs of kororā nesting in and around the revetment walls at Napier Port. Today there are around 91 pairs. Despite being an industrial area, the port provides as safe space for penguins as it is free from threats such as dogs, cats and humans.

Little blue penguins are approximately 30cm tall, weigh around 1kg as an adult and are the smallest of the penguins. Blue penguins breed on the coastal mainland and islands of New Zealand and southern Australia. Traditional nests are in underground burrows, under vegetation, in crevices, between rocks or in caves. Since people came onto the coastal scene, little blue penguins have also taken to nesting under houses and boat sheds, in stormwater pipes, and stacks of timber.