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  • Location: Waterhole at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Zimbabwe
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  • Info: Live streaming marabou stork webcam in Zimbabwe. Numerous marabou storks are present at this waterhole at the Vivtoia Falls Safari Lodge, most of the day. You will see them using their long dagger-like bills to search in the water for fish and frogs etc.

More info: The marabou stork is easily recognised as it is a rather ugly large long-legged and long-necked wading bird with a bald head and bare throat sack. The marabou has a strong distinctive smell as it is often covered in excretions and urine, which helps it to regulate body temperature.

The Marabou feeds on carrion and small prey including fish, frogs, lizards, insects, crocodile eggs and small mammals. They inhabit open dry savannas, grasslands, swamps, riverbanks, lake shores, and receding pools where fish are concentrated.

Video about the Marabou Stork:

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