osprey on a tree stump


  • Local time
  • Location: Port Lincoln, South Australia
  • Source: Port Lincoln Osprey
  • Info: Live streaming osprey webcam in Australia. The ospreys shown are nesting in Port Lincoln in South Australia, on a barge at the entrance to the Lincoln Cove Marina.

More info: The ospreys have been nesting on a barge in this same area for eight years and the nest was recently re-located to the current barge which is higher out of the water. The camera installed above the nest, has solar panels and infra red features so is able to be viewed 24/7. The ospreys are resident and do not migrate.

Ospreys are uncommon in South Australia and classified as endangered. They are found along the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight to Ceduna, along the west coast and southern tip of Eyre Peninsula, the southern tip of the Yorke Peninsula and around the coast of Kangaroo Is land. Breeding takes place from August to February and 1 to 4 eggs are laid at 1 to 7 day intervals. The female does most of the feeding of the nestlings with the male providing the provisions.

The sub-species of the Osprey found in South Australia is the Eastern Osprey (P. h. cristatus)