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  • Location: Parque Natural de los Puertos, Catalunya, Spain
  • Source: Parc Natural dels Ports
  • Info: Live short toed snake eagle webcam in Spain. The snake eagle nest shown is in Parque Natural de los Puertos in Catalunya. The short toed snake eagle is abundant in Catalunya and especially along the course of the River Ebro in Lleida province.

More info: Short-toed snake sagles live across a very large range, spanning Europe to Southeast Asia.

The short-toed snake-eagle is a highly successful snake hunter with a diet which consists of around 80% snakes. However, unlike the brown snake-eagle, this species mainly takes non-venomous snakes. It will also feed on other reptiles, such as lizards, chameleons, and geckos, as well as amphibians. It may also prey upon small mammals.

This bird has powerful but stubby toes, covered in thick scales which protect it from snake bites. Snakes are eaten whole, starting with the head and chicks three weeks old are capable of swallowing snakes 60-90 mm long.