peregrine falcon


  • Local Time
  • Location: City of South Bend, Indiana, United States
  • Source: City of South Bend
  • Info: Live peregrine falcon webcam in Indiana, United States. The peregrine nest is on a building in the city of South Bend. Peregrine falcon nesting is monitored every year and most young falcons are banded with leg identification tags to help monitor their movements and survival.

More info: The peregrine falcon is the world’s most widespread raptor as well as being the fastest animal on earth, and a predator to a fifth of the world’s bird species even plucking them right out of the air. Peregrine falcons even did their bit in war time when they were trained during World War II to take out Nazi carrier pigeons.

Peregrine falcons were near to extinction in North America in the mid-1900s. The culprit was DDT, an effective but persistent insecticide that travelled up the food chain and bioaccumulated in top predators such as peregrines. The chemical caused a thinning of the birds’ eggshells and the inability to reproduce, which led to a near collapse of the North American peregrine falcon population.

Peregrines are easily confused with Cooper's hawks, which also eat birds and are a common year-round resident of suburban neighborhoods.

See the DNR Chronology of peregrine falcon nesting in Indiana for latest figures.