white stork in france


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  • Location: Sarralbe, France
  • Source: www.sarralbe.fr
  • Info: Live streaming white stork webcam in Sarralbe in France. The stork nest is located on top of the town hall and is home to Maurice and Melodie. For many years, around thirty pairs of storks have nested around Sarralbe. This stork cam was set up in 2017.
    Sarralbe is in Moselle, located on the banks of the River Sarre.

    To view more live webcams with white and black storks nesting, visit : Live Webcams with Storks

More info: In 1974, there were only 11 pairs of storks left in France and 9 of those were in Alsace in the east of the country.

Alsace used to have the most white storks, but today it is the area with the second-largest concentration as numbers have increased in the west of France. This growth in stork population is due to ah abundance of invasive American crayfish. These American crayfish have done great damage to the native crayfish - they live in the marshes in the west and provide a great source of food for the storks in n area which is an ideal breeding Ground.

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