• Local Time
  • Location: Wyk auf Föhr, Nordfriesland, Germany
  • Source: Harald Bickel
  • Info: Live streaming white stork webcam in Germany. The storks shown are located in a stork park at Wyk auf Fohr - the second largest of the North Frisian Islands on the German coast of the North Sea.

    To view more live webcams with white and black storks nesting, visit : Live Webcams with Storks

More info: The main concentration of the White Stork in Germany is found in the wet river basins of eastern Germany. More than 90 % of the breeding population can be found in the federal states with land draining into the river Elbe.

About 200,000 storks fly over Germany every year during their seasonal migration. Some of them stay there and make nests.

Among the federal states of Germany in terms of the number of white storks breeding and producing offspring, Brandenburg takes the first place. There are around 1300 pairs of them there.

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