sunbird in its nest


  • local time
  • Location: Israel
  • Source: Charter Group Birdcams
  • Info: Live streaming sunbird webcam in Israel. The Palestinian sunbird shown is in a nest box. In the past, the sunbird was rarely seen in Israel, but as gardens and flowers have become more popular, the Sunbird has become more common.

More info: The Palestine Sunbird or Northern Orange-tufted Sunbird, is a small passerine bird of the sunbird family which is found in parts of the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa

The Palestine Sunbird is 8 to 12 cm long with a wingspan of 14 to 16 cm. Males weigh around 7.6 g and females around 6.8 g. The bill is fairly long, black and downward curving. The plumage of breeding males is mostly dark but appears glossy blue or green in the light. There are orange tufts at the sides of the breast which are hard to see except at close range.