palestinian sunbird


  • Local Time
  • Location: Afula, Israel
  • Source: Charter Group Birdcams
  • Info: Live streaming sunbird webcam in Israel. The webcam is located in Afula and shows the sunbirds visiting nectar feeders. The sunbirds are northern orange-tufted sunbirds.

More info: The male Palestinian sunbird, or northern orange-tufted sunbird, is a flying gem of iridescent colours. The female is all gray with a black tail. The bill is long and downcurved and is adapted to extract nectar from flowers. They also have a very long tongue which splits at the end like a brush. Unlike hummingbirds, generally sunbirds do not hover but prefer to stand and lean towards a flower.

In many cases instead of leaning inside the flower the sunbird makes a small hole in the side of the flower and “steals” the nectar without repaying the plant by pollinating it.