white tailed eagle in russia


  • Local tme
  • Location: Lower Kama National Park, Tatarstan, Russia
  • Source: orlan.beloxvost
  • Info: Live white tailed eagle webcam in Russia. The white tailed eagle nest shown is located in the Lower Kama National Park in an area of coniferous forest. The eagles are called Chulman and Kama and the egg was laid on March 24th 2023.

More info: The White-tailed Eagles found in Europe are mainly sedentary, while the White-tailed Eagles found in Russia and northern Asia are migratory.

The female will lay 1 to 3 eggs per year in March or April. Incubation is performed by both adults and takes around 40 days. The female takes up the majority of the care of the chick while the male goes off to hunt and bring back food. The chicks are able to feed themselves at around 5 weeks and will fledge at about 11 weeks.