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  • Location: Pennsylvania, United States
  • Source: PixCams
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing wild turkeys at a feeding in Pennsylvania, United States. There is an automated feeder which is setup to feed 3 times a day and puts out a small amount of cracked corn and sweet feed to attract an array of wildlife. The camera is located in a wooded area about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on private property which is not open to hunting.

More info: The wild turkey, native only to the North American continent, belongs to the single and highly variable species Meleagris gallopovo. Taxonomists recognize at least five subspecies; the variety found in Pennsylvania is known as the eastern wild turkey. They are dark overall with a bronze-green iridescence to most of their plumage.

Wild Turkeys live in mature forests, particularly with nut trees such as oak, hickory, or beech. Turkeys travel in flocks and search on the ground for nuts, berries, insects, and snails. They use their strong feet to scratch leaf litter out of the way. At night, turkeys fly up into trees to roost in groups.

In early spring, males gather in clearings to perform courtship displays. They puff up their body feathers, flare their tails into a vertical fan, and strut slowly while giving a characteristic gobbling call.