white tailed eagle


  • Local Time
  • Location: Saksfjed-Hyllekrog, Denmark
  • Source: www.dof.dk
  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing white tailed eagles in Denmark. The webcam is located at a nest in the Saksfjed-Hyllekrog Nature Reserve. and reveals the daily life of the eagles as they breed, nest and raise their young.

More info: The Saksfjed-Hyllekrog Nature Reserve is located in the south of Lolland and is one of Denmark's most important areas for migrating birds. It is also home to wild horses, a wealth of water birds, a large population of fallow deer and diverse fauna and flora.

A White-tailed Eagle's territory can range as far as 70km. They're almost always located around bodies of water. White-tailed Eagles can reach speeds up to 70km per hour. On average they may live from 20 to 25 years.

White-tailed Eagles bond for life and the amazing courtship rituals involve aerial displays culminating in the male and female locking talons and spinning toward the earth together and only breaking off at the last moment. The nest is made of sticks and built in trees or on cliffs. Being territorial, the Eagles will often return to the same nests year after year, and once one pair dies out another pair may take over the empty nest.

The female will lay 1 to 3 eggs with the incubation performed by both adults and takes 40 days. The chicks can feed themselves starting at around 5 weeks old, and they fledge at about 11 weeks.