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  • Location: Grace Center, Tayna Nature Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing Grauer’s gorillas in thier natural habitat in the lowlands of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.

More info: The GRACE Centre was established in 2009 to provide care for rescued gorillas and work with Congolese communities to promote the conservation of wild gorillas and their habitat. The Centre is located in a remote area next to the Tayna Nature Reserve, home to around 300 gorillas, along with other endangered wildlife including chimpanzees and okapi.

The Grauer’s gorilla is found only in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo whereas the mountain gorilla is found in DRC and also Uganda and Rwanda. The Grauer’s gorilla used to be called the eastern lowland gorilla but the name was changed to better reflect the range of habitats in which they are found. While the majority of Grauer’s gorillas do live in lowland forests at altitudes as low as 600m, their range extends up to 2900 meters. This overlaps in to the habitat where mountain gorillas are found and explains why lowland gorilla was not an accurate name. As with other mature male gorillas, they sport a swath of silver-coloured hair down the center of their back, leading to the nickname, “silverback.”