flamingos at kamfers dam


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  • Location: Kamfers Dam, Nr. Kimberley, South Africa
  • Source: Africam
  • Info: Live streaming flamingo and wildlife webcam at Kamfers Dam near Kimberley in South Africa. Watch large numbers of lesser and greater flamingo at Kamfers Dam, which provides a reliable refuge for waterbirds in a semi-arid area, where wetlands are scarce. Flamingos are present year round and the Dam is one of only four places in the whole of Africa where the lesser flamingo breeds.

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More info: Kamfers Dam, near Kimberley, is one of four breeding areas in Africa and the only one in South Africa of the lesser flamingo. The dam and surrounding 380ha wetland area are designated as a conservation zone and the area of water at the dam has become a major breeding site for the lesser flamingos since construction of an artificial island in 2006

Kamfers Dam is a privately owned permanent water body of 400 hectares, situated to the immediate north of Kimberley.

A local company Ekapa Mining, moved 26,000 tons of material to create the island. All was delivered along a narrow 200m causeway, and deposited in an S-shape to create two bays. The dam typically supports 20,000 lesser flamingos, but occasionally over 50,000 lesser flamingos are present, a large proportion of the subregion's total population.

The dam has high concentrations of blue/green algae and diatoms providing the main food source for the flamingos whilst ponds provide clay for the flamingos to collect and build their nest turrets.

Video showing greater and lesser flamingos at Kamfers Dam:

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