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  • Location: Ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya, East Africa
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  • Info: Live streaming animal webcam showing African wildlife and game at Ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya. The webcam features plains game and baboons are frequent visitors.

Info: Ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya is located on the Mbirikani Group Ranch – an area of 275,000 acres wedged between Kenya’s Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks in the heart of the Chyulu Hills.

The core upland areas of Chyulu Hills comprise mainly of dome topped hills which are in part covered by patches of open acacia woodlands and dense forests. These altitudes are much better watered than the surrounding plains and provide sanctuary to many animals during the Jul-Oct dry season, notably elephants, elands and hartebeests.

The plains to the southwest of the hills contain a network of large private conservancies and Maasai tribal lands, home to a very wide range of wildlife notably including giraffes, elephants, zebras, wildebeest. Predators including lions, spotted hyenas, cheetahs, leopards and servals are also present.