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  • Location: Chobe National Park, Botswana, Southern Africa
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  • Info: Live Puku Flats wildlife webcam in Chobe Natinal Park in Botswana, Southern Africa. The view shows the Chobe River, looking west over the Puku Flats, a grassland area favoured by the Puku antelope. Crocodiles and other antelope species, including impalas, kudus, and sable are also drawn to the riverine habitat around the Chobe River and Chobe National Park has the highest elephant concentration in Africa.

More info: The Puku Flats in Chobe National Park, lie alongside the Chobe River and it is here the elusive puku is often seen. This area is also known for its outstanding elephant population, and sometimes it is possible to see a herd crossing the river itself, with the trunks held up as periscopes. Buffalo, giraffe, sable and roan can all be seen on the river banks.

The Puku is a medium sized sandy brown antelope with the underbelly a slightly lighter brown. They are found in southern Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and with a larger concentration in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Puku are found almost exclusively in marshy grassland and shallow wetlands where they eat grasses.

The famous Chobe River, which forms the Park’s northern boundary, provides a permanent source of water for the region’s large animal populations. Wildlife seen inside Chobe National Park includes buffalo, zebra, prides of lion, leopard, hyens, giraffe, kudu, tseessebe and wild dog. The park also has more than 450 species of birds as well as small predators including Selous' mongoose, serval and wild cat.

Chobe National Park has very seasonal wildlife viewing. The dry months, from May to October, are a good time to visit the Chobe River area in the north. During the Wet season, from December to April, animals tend to gather around the pans in the interior.

Video exploring the Puku Flats in Botswana:

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