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  • Location: Tembe Elephant Park, Zululand, South Africa
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  • Info: This live streaming webcam is focused on a waterhole in Tembe Elephant Park, in South Africa. The elephants in this park are amongst the biggest in the world. The largest African Elephant at the park, called Isilo, died of natural causes in 2015 and is thought to have been around 50 years old. He had tusks 2,5mtrs long and weighing more than 60kgs.

More info: The 300km2 reserve is located between Kaw-Zulu Natal and Mozambique and was established in 1983 to protect elephants migrating between Maputaland and southern Mozambique. Apart from its magnificent elephants, it is home to the rest of the Big Five – namely – leopard, lion, buffalo and rhino as well as more than 340 species of birds. Tembe Elephant Park also has many antelope species, including the shy Suni, Africa’s smallest antelope as well as giraffe, wildebeest and a host of other small mammals, reptiles and insects.

Tembe Elephant Park is situated within the sand-veld ecological zone and consists mainly of closed woodland and secondary thicket formation. The zone falls within a transition area between tropical and sub-tropical forms and therefore is home to a great diversity of vegetation as well as over 340 bird species
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