Live Webcams with Animals in Japan


  • Location: Hatadagumi, Sumoto, Hyogo, Japan
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  • Info: Live streaming webcam showing Japanese macaque monkeys (snow monkeys) at the Awaji Island Monkey Centre in Japan.

    Japan consists mostly of steep mountains, thickly covered in dense forest. Its northern shores are bordering Russia’s icy cold and the southern islands are almost tropical giving a huge diversity of wildlife. There are around 130 kinds of land mammal and over 600 bird species. Some of the most unusual include : wild tanuki a kind of raccoon dog, red squirrels which actually look grey, the nocturnal Siberian flying squirrel, Asian black bears and brown bears, the critically endangered Tsushima leopard cat, sable, red foxes, the Japanese serow which is distantly related to goats and sheep, sika deer and the famous Japanese macaque or snow monkey.